What side of your Brian do you use?

Are you a Right brain or Left Brain Thinker?

Are you an analytical thinker or are you an Intuitive thinker?

We all learn differently because we each use a certain side of our brain more than the other. There are two cerebral hemispheres that make up one brain. The left part is where speech comes from. It also controls the right side of your body. Our logic and reasoning skills come from this half as do number skills. The right side of your brain is your creative and athletic part. Art appreciation comes from this half. The right is known as the visual side. The right side is where spatial imagery comes from. People with damage here have a hard time picturing things. As people get older, they use one side more.

LEFT (Analytic)

RIGHT (Global)

Successive Hemispheric Style

Simultaneous Hemispheric Style

1. Verbal 1. Visual
2. Responds to word meaning 2. Responds to tone of voice
3. Sequential 3. Random
4. Processes information linearly 4. Processes information in varied order
5. Responds to logic 5. Responds to emotion
6. Plans ahead 6. Impulsive
7. Recalls people’s names 7. Recalls people’s faces
8. Speaks with few gestures 8. Gestures when speaking
9. Punctual 9. Less punctual
10. Prefers formal study design 10. Prefers sound/music background while studying
11. Prefers bright lights while studying 11. Prefers frequent mobility while studying

 Here is a test to find which side of the brain you use

 Directions: Get a blank sheet of lined paper. Every time you read a description or characteristic that applies to you, write down its number on the blank sheet of paper. There is no certain number of characteristics you must choose. Next to every number on your paper, write whether it was an L or an R from the key below. Count up the number of L’s and R’s. Whichever number is higher represents your dominance. If the numbers are close, that means you use both sides of your brain equally.

  1. I constantly look at a clock or wear a watch
  2. I keep a journal or diary of my thoughts
  3. I believe there is a either right and wrong way to do everything
  4. I find it hard to follow directions precisely
  5. The expression “Life is just a bowl of cherries” makes no sense to me
  6. I frequently change my plans and find that sticking to a schedule is boring
  7. I think it’s easier to draw a map than tell someone how to get somewhere
  8. To find a lost item, I try to picture it in my head where I last saw it
  9. I frequently let my emotions guide me
  10. I learn math with ease
  11. I’d read the directions before assembling something
  12. People tell me I am always late getting places
  13. People have told me that I’m psychic
  14. I need to set goals for myself to keep me on track
  15. When somebody asks me a question, I turn my head to the left
  16. If I have a tough decision to make, I write down the pros and the cons
  17. I’d probably make a good detective
  18. I learn music with ease
  19. To solve a problem, I think of similar problems I have solved in the past
  20. I use a lot of gestures
  21. If someone asks me a question, I turn my head to the right
  22. I believe there are two ways to look at almost everything
  23. I have the ability to tell if people are lying or guilty of something, just by looking at them
  24. I keep a “to do” list
  25. I am able to thoroughly explain my opinions in words
  26. In a debate, I am objective and look at he facts before forming an opinion
  27. I’ve considered becoming a poet, a politician, an architect, or a dancer
  28. I always lose track of time
  29. When trying to remember a name I forgot, I’d recite the alphabet until I remembered it
  30. I like to draw
  31. When I’m confused, I usually go with my gut instinct
  32. I have considered becoming a lawyer, journalist, or doctor

Answer Key:

  1. L
  2. L
  3. L
  4. R
  5. L
  6. R
  7. R
  8. L
  9. R
  10. L
  11. L
  12. R
  13. R
  14. L
  15. R
  16. L
  17. L
  18. R
  19. R
  20. R
  21. L
  22. R
  23. R
  24. L
  25. L
  26. L
  27. R
  28. R
  29. L
  30. R
  31. R
  32. L

6 Responses to “What side of your Brian do you use?”

  1. This really neat! I have kind of an odd mix, but that doesn’t surprise me at all. 🙄 I only wish I had more of those right-brain traits than I do. They seem so cool! I guess the grass is always greener… :mrgreen:

    • LOL we all learn differently. I am way too analytical (left Brain), so that sometimes gets in the way. I’m often told I think too much, so it’s always good to do thinks to work on the other side of our brain that we use less of. I do hobbies to help me relax such as horseback riding and if you are more Right brained then you could work on following a process to get solutions of things. If you want to be more Right, try doing more creative activities or relaxing hobbies like yoga or art.

      • Wow, that “you think too much” line sounds so familiar… 🙄 I’ve had to give up on the whole “art” thing, out of fear for the environment – air, trees, noise, landfills, world peace… 😡 And don’t you have to be “flexible” for yoga? 😳

      • World peace is just a time without war. It will never be obtained because of natural selection and the need to be the alpha. How would we evolve otherwise.

        Also, you know you’re suppose to take yoga to become flexible. It’s a great way to build up your core and keep balanced :D.

  2. Building up my strength, balance and flexibility sounds good. Maybe it’ll ease my mind from thoughts like “Peace from the type of troubles we have is going to require another step in our evolution.”

  3. i have a mixture between the two, but i am mostly right brained. 😛
    that makes sense too cuz i’m artistic, and creative, and totally random! lol, but i know, in certain situations, when it is best to follow my emotions, or follow logic. hehe!
    this is so interesting!!

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