Rose- Tragedy


“Take sorrow and anguish and temporarily

make it into anger –it’s a powerful

motivator for change.” 

This photo of the week I’m using to represent Life’s Tragedies.
Life is often filled with misfortunes from relationships, careers, education, to the very loss of life life. The tragedy of life is what dies inside man while they live.
This is why I continue to say live life to the fullest. We often take life and often what we do have in life for granted. We so often spend so much time focused on our own tragedies in life that it blinds us from our purpose and goal. Life is based on how well we deal with such obstacles and move forward. That is key to walk through life facing forward rather than backward focusing on the past. I do know that it is easier said than done, especially in this day and age.
There are always certain benefits to leading similar experiences though, because we can often learn from others mistakes/ misfortunes to hopefully divert the greater impact. That is the only thing I could ever hope to offer from my failed experiments in life. I hope that you find a solution away from your personal tragedies from my own. We are never given more than we can handle.
Feel free to ask my story or ask for an opinion on certain events.
“Never play down someone else’s suffering. Experiences are a relative, and there is no ranking on people’s perception of their own suffering.”

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