Bond Group

Bond Group

This photo for the week I chose to show a screenshot from the Group Bond. This was taken from their song Wintersun, which happens to be one of my favorite from them.
I chose this shot for the symbolism of passion. There is nothing better in life than to be passionate for something. You need something to give you inspiration and life. It can drive us to a better existence or make what we do in everyday life more meaning full. What is a life without passion?
Passion allows change. It can change your life to be something more meaningful and become that of a person full of self confidence, greater respect for others, and with propose. There must always be continuous change to achieve greatness. Why settle for the now when you could continue to push yourself for the tomorrow. You can never learn enough from life because there is something new to learn around the corner.
This is something I keep in life as well. I will never be able to learn enough or gain enough experiences. One of which is to learn to play the violin. The violin is something I have always wanted to take up, but never had the time for. though I know I will someday.
Find and live by your passion.


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2 Responses to “Passion”

  1. How did you do this? How did you make it so that there would be a “next photo” and “previous photo” thingy? I like this–not this particular photo, but I would like to do something like this on my blog.

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