About Thee Lady Temptress


I am but what I am and what you perceive me to be.

Here I bring forth my thoughts and words of the world that connects us all. I’ve come here to express my opinion on various topics of life, personal or not, with those of you that care to read without the biased opinions of friendship. Honesty from me you can certainly expect, as blunt as it may be on occasion, in hopes that you may be open as well. There are levels of self disclosure that I will choose to reveal through my musings, controversial topics or simple poetic works. I want you to form your perception of me without influence. Hate me, love me, remain indifferent; all are accepted and welcomed. Be who you are no matter our differences and speak your mind, but my advice is to back up your statement with a clear message because I may refute them.

Question me, Flame me, Rave me,

~Lady Temptress


4 Responses to “About Thee Lady Temptress”

  1. You said you failed your chemistry test. What are you studying, and what’s the story behind the name?

  2. Hey thankyou for the comment on my tutorial , yeah that sounds like a good idea. I will have to, it may take me till next week to get round to it though 🙂


  3. I gave you the Honest award FYI, it was given to me by pinochina so I’m passing it on….


    take care!

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