Forever Immortalized

Michael Jackson- Pop Icon


“I don’t want to be buried.

                    I would like to live forever…” 

Today I’m going to pay my personal tribute to Michael Jackson’s shocking death.

In all honesty I am quite surprised that his death impacted me so much. I still can’t put my mind around the fact that he’s dead. His death is to the level, if not more, of Elvis, Princess Diana, Kennedy.Michael died of cardiac arrest yesterday that many refused to believe. So much so that Google announced technical difficulties after a sudden swell in searches for “Michael Jackson” led the company to believe it was under attack from hackers, while social networking site Twitter reported a crash after record numbers of users used the site to spread the news of Jackson’s death. Wikipedia had temporarily experienced technical difficulties and crashed reportedly due to excessive edits and user overload.

It has been reported that police are searching for Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, currently missing, after the star’s family suggested he died because of a drug overdose of Demerol, a synthetic form of morphine. 

Personally I grew up listening to his music and watching his movies because he was my dad’s favorite artist. I loved all of his music and I was wishing I could to one of his final concerts, but unfortunately no one will be able to gain that experience with the exception of small youtube viewings. It is so odd to say that he is no longer with us. I suppose I have always had this naive mindset that he would always be around, immortal like his music will forever be. He brought so much to the music mainstream that many praise. I have never known anyone where if you said his name to not know who he was and heard a song by him. His music was revolutional where he is one of those icons that never imitated anyone, but many imitated him or acknowledge that he was part of their inspiration. He had a genuine eye for fresh ideas that continued to evolve, shown by his dance choreography and his bright idea of the mechanical insert to his shoes for his trademark lean. Michael was a talented singer, dancer, song writer, chorographer, producer, and much more.

 There have been many controversies throughout his life about allegedly doing inappropriate actions with children. My comment on that is that it’s only speculation. I agree his actions may have inappropriate such as sleepovers, but as in sexual abuse I have no comment on because I wasn’t present. Most often when he settled out of court he stated that he just got tired of all of it. He grew tired of all the time it took with courts and the attention that focused on something that didn’t happen. Even if a person disagrees with me believes that he’s is guilty, leave it at that. No person should wish for someone’s death. Also how can a person outway the good over something they have no proof over to such an extream as wanting them dead? If anything, he should still be respected separately as an artist from him as a person for all the things he has contributed. Let me have my Thriller and let God figure out the rest. 

I think the way he acted has been contributed mentally believing himself as still a child. He expressed himself as though he could only connect with children than he could with adults. Like his reason for his physical changes, I think he only wanted to be loved and just could not find it because he didn’t love himself. He seemed to be deeply troubled emotionally which could have been caused by his history of sexual abuse and the fact that his fame began since the age of five, so for 45 years he has known nothing but fame. 

People out there have their own opinions of Michael that all the good he did seems to be discredited and looked over. He did so much not only in the music world, but all the contributions he made to so many charities. Jackson has donated and raised millions of dollars for beneficial causes through his foundation, charity singles and support of 39 charities. The award was given for Jackson’s support of charities that helped people overcome alcohol and drug abuse. He donated his $5 million share from the Victory Tour to charity.

 His personality always came across as a very humble, sweet, sincere person, and deserves to be respected.

 To have lived such a huge stardom life and end suddenly at the age of 50 is such a tragic event that has touched the lives of many worldwide and he will forever be remembered.

~ by Lady Temptress on June 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “Forever Immortalized”

  1. I feel sorry for “his” family, because he lost himself, they will suffer, growing up as Jacksons children will be a lot to baar… My thoughts are with them…x

    • I agree. I can’t believe his father though. He right out said he was great and his family is fine then went on to make his “statement” to promote his own new record label. How disgusting. His son just died and he continues to use him to further himself. I sincerely hope that in his will he did not leave his kids with his mom, since she still lives with the man, to dam his children to the same abuse that was inflicted on himself as a child. Thank you for your comments.

      ~Lady T

  2. love MJ.

    So sad that people still curse him even after his death. Look at those freaks in the wordpress forum. They speak as though they saw MJ doing with those kids. So sad when i hear people speaking like that.

    Moving apart, I love MJ a lot, a very log, dont know to what extend, but a very (infinity) lot. am still unable to digest his death. He should have lived longer. Porvided us more magics. I love you Michaeal for you are always the King OF POP


    • People should not be degrading and tarnishing a persons death like some are. If you had some ill will feeling toward someone leave it as that. Let time pass for people to mourn and honor the dead rather than add more insult to injury. I hope his tribute and memorial goes well tomorrow and to know that he has finally found his piece from those that couldn’t understand him

      Thanks for your comment,

      ~Lady T

  3. I love the collage photo!

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