Adventure Junkie

Life is either an incredible adventure…or nothing at all

This week I wanted to focus on the Adventure Junkie.
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My life’s story has been filled with many ups and downs that were harder than others and easier than others. Each of our lives is no less significant than the other, but we all choose our own way to walk through life to make it impactful or not.

I have deemed, as well as others, myself as an adventure junkie.

I try to gain new experiences and explore the world because more often life is just too short. I learn a new hobby/sport and excel at it then move on to the next one.

There is no other feeling like doing something dangerous and so daring.

In a way it gives your life so much meaning and life that the day to day dullness.

I want so much out of life and sometimes I feel as though my soul and heart are miles ahead of me while this body of mine drags me behind. Some days I really do believe I will die young or at least sooner than most, and that is what keeps my life on edge and busy.

I do not fear death or being alone which seems to be the trend, but I truly believe I fear in living a boring life. The sad part is that what really led me to think that was the Talladega Nights movie with Will Ferrel. His father always ran because of his need to keep running and going fast. One part I found funny was when they were trying to be a decent family and he said, “I’m starting to feel itchy.” I think ditchy would have been funnier but eh. My point is I know that itch so well. I have often thought of leaving all of my life behind just to taste fresh air and just keep running. I’m always in need of a good adventure. Go somewhere and not know where the hell you’re going.

If tomorrow I suddenly changed my mind of my career I would backpack the world and find a way to make my mark that way. A job that would allow me travel has always been my dream.

I’ve always wondered how would be always on the run. I’m sure like anything else would become old, but at this very moment in time it seems like it never would. Blood rushing, heart pounding, hands gripped until they are white as bone… I would say if it weren’t so wrong I would probably an assassin lol.

One friend once told me that I’m using danger as a way from running from my problems. To a degree I can agree I suppose because sometimes I feel I need that reminder that I’m alive and my life is expendable if I don’t take care of by facing my problems.

You can’t always run from your problems like you can’t always be afraid of the unknown or take chances.

The next step in my adventure life is to buy a sports bike.

(Look at Photo of the week)

There are many who disagree with my choice, but like everything else I do I say, why bother being afraid of everything that could be considered dangerous. Relationships no matter the type, are an adventure in their own as well. A friend who continues to inspire me once told me that not matter what you pace may be fast or slow, someone will always be there to match your speed. This is the speed I choose to live my life. Everyone will die sooner or later, but I wont let need to live life the longest scare me to not living life at all. A bike is just a stepping-stone in my life.

The adrenaline of imagining the life with no limits or obligation is overwhelming, yet here most of us are doing things we dislike or feel obligated to doing. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped in your own life. I have put up with so much in life that in my mind it seems so tangible and almost possible to really explore the world and truly be happy with my life. I’m at the age where no longer wish, but demand that I truly want it all. It’s all about entitlement. I am entitled to be happy. I’m entitled to live my life to continuously seek adventure. I’m entitled to live my life.

I would rather Die a life of with fun and adventure than Live a life of boring regrets

~Lady Temptress

~ by Lady Temptress on June 23, 2009.

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