Poetry– My Love

This is my last post for my poetry week. Thanks to those who bared with me in my lazy postings. I hope for next week to be more interesting, but we’ll see because I have a Chem exam to study for.

My Love 

Be Strong and Calm Down
Close Your eyes and shut out the World
Feel my touch

My arms embrace you
Warm and safe
The smell of my scent
With hands intertwining in my hair

Think of us and the Unbinding Love we share
The future that holds for us
So bright, yet unclear

I hold you tighter
Know that there is Hope
Pain from those we Cherish most of all

Hear my words barley a whisper
I Love You and am willing to do anything to Protect you

Our hearts beat as One
Be safe and feel calm
Rest Your Head on my shoulder
I Caress you so gently
My voice ever lingers

I am here
I am here

~ by Lady Temptress on June 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Poetry– My Love”

  1. I love your concept of having a poetry week and thank you for sharing such moving words.
    Evelyn in Montreal

    • I figured that since I was having a rough week that it would be best to lighten my thought process by posting some Poetry that I have written before. They aren’t the best of work, but something that I used to express emotions during previous hard times. Thanks you very much for your comment.

      ~Lady T

  2. I love your poems 🙂 good luck 4 your exams…

    • Thank you for the complement and thank you for your best wishes! I have been studying all weekend so I hope to do well. I’m doing a 16 week Chemistry class in 6 weeks this summer, so it’s a difficult class covering a lot of material in a short amount of time. My schedule at the moment is: Working out at 5 am, work from 8-5, and school 6 to 10:30.
      It’s going to be a very long summer.

      ~Lady T

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