Poetry– My Confession

Here is another entry to my Poetry week.

My Confession

Fate of a Promise
Path of Despair
True Love Relinquished
Destiny Unclear

My How the Rain Falls
Like the Pained Tears I Shed
To Cover the Truth
Of Betrayal lead

So I Stand
Alone With My Torment
I Embrace Its Cooluch
The Vail of Darkness
Ever So deafening

So I Stand And cry out
A Name Forbidden
With the Hope of My Love
Return to Me Salvation

So I stand Now!
No More Shall I Take Shame
This Is My Life
That I Will To Be Saved

It Takes True Courage
To Live Than To Die
I Shall Not Surrender
To Deaths Unholy Temptation

I Whisper My Vengeance
Put Unwillingly In This Place
Going To Show Them All
The Strength, my Name

 Pure Will Shall Take Over
Defeating The Unclear

Look Up and Look Out
Consumed By the Velvet Night Sky
Believe In the Unforgiven

Believe in Salvation

Fall from the world
With the Remembrance of What Should Have Been.

~ by Lady Temptress on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Poetry– My Confession”

  1. i just read ur poem, and i just wanted 2 say dat dis poem is really nice! its great!

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