Life Reflection

Now this isn’t mine but is something worth posting. It is a collection of unspoken truths that humans are often guilty of throughout life. I can attest that I have also been guilty of so many of these negative actions. After reading, I fully agree with this person’s thoughts and perspective on how even negative thoughts have power to create a postive.

As a consequence of their self-absorbed consciousness, humans are the most cruelest and horrible of species on this Earth. Knowing this, we should always be reserved with our trust toward and inner-most feelings for others.

You’re depression is a result of your insolent desire for self-destruction. – Kahlil Gibran.

When in an emotional slump, force yourself to open your eyes and appreciate the natural beauty of the world. This is also a good way to reinforce one’s humility.

Question why we feel the need for a relationship/partner. Often we attach ourselves to horrible people out of misunderstanding/ignorance of this drive in us. We are worth so much more than that.

Take sorrow and anguish and temporarily make it into anger – it’s a powerful motivator for change.

To those who have hurt you, say thank you – they have elevated you above their shoulders as they trample along their own hell.

One’s diet has a profound effect on state of mind and emotional health. Learn to identify which eating habits and/or foods are culprits to feeling low.

Those who fumble toward instantaneous gratification lose grip on the longer-term and longer-lasting benefits that come with reservation.

Those who fear change are essentially dead. Those who embrace it and live by it are Godly.

If someone passes you over in a dash to get something/someone else, it really is their loss – they’re losing a great opportunity in something greater than their self-absorbed and desperate clinging to habits.

Never play down someone else’s suffering. Experiences are a relative, and there is no ranking on people’s perception of their own suffering.

Learn to forgive, but never forget – remembering is the basis to learning from mistakes, and recognizing and preventing similar events.

We are all Gods. Take time to understand the implications of this.

Why let somone else’s bullshit affect your life?! Take your own direction and carve-out your own path in life.

Learn to give, but understand the parable of fishing: give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

It has been proven that in human physiology, mental attitudes and habits circularly reinforce chemical markers that attract people of similar mental attitudes, and repel those with opposite behaviours. So re-learn your habits and teach yourself to be positive, energetic, happy, and optimistic (and truly believe it in yourself!)

Learn to love yourself. Easy to say, but harder to practise. We often find ourselves fixating on the external to fulfil an internal emptiness. When we love ourselves, this self-pitying need will become vacuuous.

Value the “Golden Rule” of life: treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. This rule of moral conduct is not a creation soley from Christianity, it has been present independently in almost every cluture throughout history

Let go of the chains of the past – they are simply phantom vices and quickly dissipate once we live for today and tomorrow.

Thoughts and feelings are not real. Learn to acknowledge their presence and detatch yourself from being controlled by them. – The Buddha.

Remember, you hold the key to your happiness. All negative experiences, albiet lingeringly hurtful, are the crank-handles to elevating your soul to a new strata of humanity.

~ by Lady Temptress on June 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Life Reflection”

  1. I agree to you in this quote “Thoughts and feelings are not real. Learn to acknowledge their presence and detach yourself from being controlled by them. – The Buddha.”

    Because thoughts and feelings are only temporarily. Your anger towards your parents/friends won’t be there when you age 50, right? They’re just tools to make us alive, but they are not indicators of what you are. Because emotion and our essential self are different, although they have slight connections to each other as well.

    I am quite guilty in the forgive but not forget thing.. I always forgive and also forget. I have a motto in life that I should “Forgive and forget like you have an amnesia.” Maybe I need to change that a little bit…

    • I think if you forget entirely you are not able to learn from mistakes from yourself or others. It’s best to look at it from distant point of view and move on from there. I have had many difficult tribulations, but I like to view them as stepping stones in my learning experiences. Hard obstacles and mistakes builds character and makes you who are.

      I apologize for the late reply, but I really don’t here blog anymore.

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